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The best funerals bring people together - grieving, sharing memories, and celebrating life. Keep it simple; we've put together funeral plan packages to do just that.

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Funeral Plan Packages

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Visitation (with Viewing) and Funeral before Burial/Cremation
Visitation or Funeral after Burial/Cremation
from $4,000
A brief Graveside Funeral
A Self Directed Event, with Guidance
from $3,100

Immediate Cremation - Essentials Only
from $1,250

Visitation (with Viewing) and Funeral before Burial/Cremation

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Visitation or Funeral after Burial/Cremation

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A Brief
Graveside Funeral

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A Self Directed Event
with Guidance

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Immediate Cremation
Essential Services Only

This plan matches your preferences.

Whenever possible, we encourage taking time to grieve, laugh, cry and share stories together with family and friends. And for that, we recommend you consider the Immediate Cremation option above: "A Self Directed Event, with Guidance".

But if cost is the only concern, these cremation "Essential Services Only" plans are an affordable alternative.

  • Immediate Cremation - In-Person Consultation
    This plan includes time to talk with our staff in-person. We'll handle the paperwork for you, including the death certificate, notification of social security and necessary permits. You'll have the opportunity (and are encouraged) to write and provide information/life's story for the personal memory page, and you'll be responsible for writing and submitting any obituary notices for publication (MLive, etc.). Any memorial events would be planned solely by your family. $2,200

  • Immediate Cremation - Online Only
    Our most affordable option, this plan is completed entirely online, without the need for phone or in-person support from the funeral home. For those looking to do all planning online and with minimal services from a funeral director, Start Now $1,250

Value Guarantee

We appreciate the time you have taken to consider our services. We understand that costs can be an important factor and we strive to provide the best value. However, the best value does not necessarily mean the lowest price! If our charges are more than another service provider, we will do our best to explain any possible differences that affect overall value.

Our Guarantee is Simple: If you do not see any difference in value, then we will gladly honor a lower price and terms of another local funeral home.

This price can be taken from either a written estimate or from current prices listed on a funeral home website.

Lee Karelse  &  Matt Hollebeek, Owners

Plan Ahead

If you're interested in putting together a funeral plan ahead of time, we're here to help.


616-453-8263 (Lake Michigan Dr.)
616-361-2613 (Plainfield)

Funeral Pricing FAQ

Is burial more expensive than cremation?

Since the services available prior to burial available prior to cremation, the costs can be similar. The major cost difference is often recognized at the cemetery as the cost for burial is typically significantly more than for cremated remains. Also, outer burial containers are significantly less for cremated remains.

What is the difference between cremation vs. funeral?

Cremation and Burial are two forms of disposition permitted by Michigan law. Cremation is not a type of service. The services available prior to burial available prior to cremation. Similarly, most of the services often associated following a cremation, available following a burial.

What is the difference between a funeral, a memorial service and a celebration of life?

These terms are often used interchangeably, but may help describe the desired mood or environment of the event.