Honoring Tradition.
Celebrating Life.
Honoring Tradition.
Celebrating Life.


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Life Stories & Obituaries

//cdn.lifestorynet.com/obituaries/01e/145065/145065-01.jpg(Vertz) Eilers, Mia
December 4, 2023
Grand Rapids, MI

//cdn.lifestorynet.com/obituaries/01e/145040/145040-01.jpgAlkema, Martin
November 30, 2023
Allendale, MI

//cdn.lifestorynet.com/obituaries/01e/145122/145122-00.jpgAnderson, Ron
December 8, 2023
Grand Rapids, MI

//cdn.lifestorynet.com/fh/obituary-default.jpgBrott, Robert
December 6, 2023
Grand Rapids, MI

//cdn.lifestorynet.com/obituaries/01e/145041/145041-01.jpgHausmann, Mitchel
December 2, 2023
Conklin, MI

//cdn.lifestorynet.com/obituaries/01e/145042/145042-00.jpgKamminga, Alisha
November 29, 2023
Dallas, TX

//cdn.lifestorynet.com/obituaries/01e/145079/145079-01.jpgSchultz, Christine "Chrissy"
November 29, 2023
Surprise, AZ

//cdn.lifestorynet.com/obituaries/01e/145047/145047-01.jpgSpencer, Judith
December 2, 2023
Grand Rapids, MI

//cdn.lifestorynet.com/obituaries/01e/145120/145120-00.jpgStark, Doreena
December 8, 2023
Grand Rapids, MI

//cdn.lifestorynet.com/fh/obituary-default.jpgVersluis, Wallace "Wally"
December 8, 2023
Grand Rapids, MI

//cdn.lifestorynet.com/obituaries/01e/145119/145119-00.jpgWaterloo, Dianne
December 9, 2023
Grand Rapids, MI

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Life Story Funeral Directors


At Heritage Life Story Funeral Homes, our staff is trained to focus on the life that was lived, not just the death that occurred. Learn how a Life Story Funeral Director can create a meaningful & relevant funeral.


The Life Story Experience


Every Life has a Story!

At Heritage Life Story Funeral Homes, we honor each life by writing, sharing, and preserving the Life Story. Writing the Life Story of each family member ensures that the stories are saved and NEVER forgotten. Generations can pass, and the Life Stories will live on. We can begin writing stories for your family today.

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