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Weslie Skammel

September 20, 1996 - November 23, 2021
Goleta, CA



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National Alliance On Mental Illness
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American Foundation For Suicide Prevention
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Life Story / Obituary


Weslie passed away unexpectedly November 23, 2021. Weslie was born on September 20, 1996 in San Mateo, CA. There are no words that can truly express the amazing, beautiful, and brilliant young man that Weslie is. Weslie’s childhood was full of wonder and exploration; he was never seen without a Thomas the Tank Engine Train in his hand. Alongside his family, he would create marvelous tracks with twists and endless turns. He would ride the train back and forth from San Mateo to San Francisco, pointing out the various train components as the train pulled up, gripping his mother’s hand in both fear and excitement.

As Weslie grew, his love of exploration and creativity continued to grow. He loved playing WII and computer games with his friends, buying Pokémon cards and organizing them in his binder for future battles. Weslie loved going to the park with his aunt and learning to bake with his mom. He loved playing basketball outside in his bare feet. Weslie excelled at violin, piano, and found a deep love for the Harry Potter book series. A love of reading that was instilled in him by his loving Grandmom. Weslie loved wrestling with his Uncle, who grew up with him like a brother.

Weslie’s connection and love for animals was truly remarkable. When visiting his Aunt when she worked on a farm, he enjoyed corralling the animals and playing with the cows. His three cats, Cheesy, Jerry, and Brie, would come running at the sound of his voice. And when he became a big brother to his puppy Ody, he took the job with the same love and passion that we all expect from our loving boy. Laying together giving belly rubs and doing training sessions in the living room. Weslie’s gentle nature and kind soul were felt by all.

Weslie graduated Hillsdale High School in May 29, 2014 and moved to Santa Barbara, CA to attend UC Santa Barbara to study Biology. He was joined by his best friend since 4th grade Alex, who remained his most trusted companion throughout his life. Weslie became interested in Biochemistry later on in his studies, and later pursued a degree in Stenography at Cuyahoga College, where he was on track to earn his degree and enjoy an amazing career as a stenographer. Weslie loved the Santa Barbara ocean, and took great pride in his home built computer, which he spent hours on gaming with his friends.

Weslie loved to explore new places, never missing an opportunity for adventure. He went to Guatemala and Mexico City with his Aunt, where they explored volcanoes and slept under the stars. Weslie spent many summers at Hidden Villa Camp, where he explored nature and made lasting friendships. He went fishing and camping with his mom and dad, and enjoyed walking with his dog brother. Weslie also enjoyed the road trips with his granddad back and forth from Santa Barbara to San Mateo when he would make his trips back home from college. In July, Weslie joined his parents for a cross country move to Michigan, where he worked from home, put in long nights doing stenography homework, and enjoyed having his own private suite in the family home. Weslie and his family enjoyed Pizza Fridays, family dinners watching American Dad, trips to Lake Michigan, and walks with the family dog. Weslie also loved bonding with his dad over their mutual interest in gaming and investing in cryptocurrency.

Weslie was diagnosed with clinical depression, and fought a long and exhausting fight against his disease for many years. Tragically, he lost that battle on November 23, 2021. Despite the darkness that tragically cut his life short, Weslie will always be remembered for the happiness and joy that he brought to everyone around him. Weslie had an infectious laugh and the brightest smile that could light up any room. Friends and family knew him as opinionated and insightful, always up to challenge you in a conversation, surprising you with his knowledge and understanding of all sides of a discussion. Weslie’s character monotone low voice was as unique to him as his daily get up of shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops, which he continued to wear even in 30 degree Michigan weather. Despite the tragedy surrounding his death, Weslie will be remembered with only happiness and light. He was so loved by so many people, and changed the lives of everyone that he touched. Weslie’s legacy will live on in the fight to end the stigma surrounding mental illness so that no other beautiful young soul like Weslie’s will ever be lost again. We love you Weslie. Rest now sweet boy.

Weslie is survived by his mother, Christina (Joshua Temple) Skammel-Temple; grandparents, Jurgen and Robin Skammel; aunt, Sarah (Matt) McIntyre; uncle, Michael (Daniella Caldera-Lozano) Skammel; many other family members; and his beloved dog and cat, Ody and Jerry.