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Michael Gammicchia

August 20, 1922 - January 4, 2021
Grand Rapids (formerly Rochester Hills), MI


Life Story / Obituary


Michael Gammicchia passed away peacefully on Monday, January 4, 2021. He was born in Detroit, Michigan on August 20,1922, the third child of Maria Stella (Amico) Gammicchia and Andrea Gammicchia.

His siblings were Vito (Bill), Stella Maria (Alecia) and Salvatore (Sam) who all preceded him in passing.

Mike, son of immigrant parents, grew up in Detroit during the depression where he learned that hard work and thrift can conquer poverty. He met and fell in love with a young lady in the neighborhood,

Gene (Jean) Voss. They had a wonderful courtship on the east side of Detroit. Mike was called to serve in World WarII in the 820th Destroyer Battalion. Jean and Mike were married during a 3 day pass just before he was shipped over seas. When he returned from the war, Mike worked at many jobs, often 2 at a time. He ultimately was employed by Parke Davis Pharmaceutical Company where he retired after 30+ years of service.

Jean and Mike were blessed with 4 daughters. Susan(deceased) married to Duane (deceased) Kell, Mary Elllen married to Larwrence Huser, Judith married to David Louzon and Patricia married to Mark Sheldon. They had 9 grand children. Matthew (deceased) married to Gina Kell-Spehn, Meghan Kell married to Eric Pott, Jenna Huser married to Sean Ricketts, Jessica Huser married to Chris Chamness, Michelle Louzon married to John Levering, Erin Louzon-Fairman, Melissa Sheldon married to Keith Eastland, Lesley Sheldon married to Matthew Hassenrik and Peter Sheldon married to Rachel Feyen Sheldon. They also had 17 great grand children Drew & Sam Kell, Benjamin Pott, Caden Ricketts, Jacob Chamness, Austin & Mitchell Levering, Oliver Fairman, Drew, Margaret & Ryan Eastland, Grant, Molly & Charlotte Hassenrik and Sofia, Stella & Mark James Sheldon.

Mike was a dedicated Christian man and through great sacrifice, Mike and Jean gave their children the benefit of an education in the Lutheran School system. He worshipped regularly at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church and later at Faith, St. John Rochester and Trinity Utica.

At 98 years of life Mike was anxiously waiting for his reunion with his creator and past loved ones.

We celebrate with him in this glorious reunion.