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Katie J. Hall

March 26, 1999 - May 8, 2022
Grand Rapids, MI


Life Story / Obituary


Katie Jo Hall, an unmatched radiant force, with a Sumo wrestler’s appetite, passed away May 8, 2022. She is survived by her daughter, Ophelia Saree Warren, the center of her world and the pride of her life.

Katie’s beginning was rough and she had every right to be bitter with the world. But instead she chose to be kind. Katie could show you a fierce love, like that of the pearls of Aries. Burning with a bold compassion and free of judgement, compelling even complete strangers to hold her tight. A unique kindness for the downtrodden rested in her soul, leading her also to have the most unusual taste in dogs. Typically, the stranger the dog, the more she would love it. But such is Katie, for all she wanted to do in her life was to love the forsaken.

She was gorgeous; magnetic even. Katie’d convince you to be tattooed by her only seconds after she bought her first tattoo gun. And which she did to a many of victims. But she was an artist and sought nothing but adventure in life. You’d sit and laugh with her for hours, sometimes on the stupidest things, like rolling down Saugatuck Sand Dunes or even the shapes of ceiling fans. Katie shamelessly sought new experiences, and spontaneity beamed from her aura. That is what made her an amazing cook too, and easily the best amateur chef you’d come across. Constantly trying new concoctions, like dipping pizza in crab boil. She was often the culprit to her friends gaining 40 pounds. But Katie taught us all what it truly meant to live; to allow yourself to be thrown around by life’s chaos and to enjoy every moment of it.

Now, the true center of Katie’s life was her beautiful daughter, Ophelia Saree. Katie was fire incarnate, Aries ascended and so is Ophelia. She loved her more than her world, and was incredibly proud of the life that she had built for them. Katie called Ophelia her Mini-Me and was nothing but utterly in love with her. She was an incredible mother and always gave Ophelia her best. Even if that meant playing with Ophelia’s presents before she re-wrapped them to gift to her. Katie loved being a mother, and held herself to an impossible standard because she believed that is what Ophelia deserved. Ophelia will grow old knowing just how lucky she was to have Katie as a mother.

Katie Jo Hall, an ambitious, determined, fierce, loving, kind, goofy, hilarious, artistic, young woman left us too soon. But she gave us a legacy that we all will carry with us to the ends of our days. A legacy of bold compassion and adventure, it was with her strength that she enabled us to become our true selves. We love you Katie, we miss you, and will be seeing you soon.

In addition to her daughter, Ophelia Saree, Katie is survived by her parents, Thomas & Lisa Hall; sister, Kelsey (Sam) Carstens; grandparents, Ernie & Joanne Kozlowski; aunts, Deb (Lee Barnhill) Kozlowski, Joelyn (Jim) McCallum, Nancy Mead, Linda (Mike) Murphy; uncles, Kevin Kozlowski, Tim (Ann) Hall; cousins, Madison Murphy, Chip (Jessica) McCallum. Katie was predeceased by her grandparents, Glenn "Timber" & Ellen Hall.