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Angela Rader

September 3, 1964 - January 9, 2020
Byron Center, MI



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Life Story / Obituary


Loving and Adoring Mother of three has received her wings.

Surrounded by the family that she loved so dearly.

She is Survived by; Her Soulmate Michael Morrow, Her Children;

Craig Wendorf of Marlette, Amanda Kohalisky Weston of Sparta (AJ Weston) and

Jacqueline Georgiades of Greenville (Nick Georgiades).

Loving and Adoring Grandmother of; Kemper Wendorf, Donald Kohalisky,

Elizabeth Fairchild, Dayton, Xander and Gunnar Georgiades, Paige and Ethan Weston,

Nicos Jr., Chloe, Ashley and Tristen Georgiades.

Loving and Adoring Sister to; Susie Lee Dennis and her Niece and Nephews

Jesse Rader (Tasha Rader)-Great Nephew Elliott,

Michael Rader and Ivy & Alex Hiatt and

Foster Mother Robbie Turner.

And Loving and Adoring Cousin, Niece and Friend to many.

She was Preceded in death by; Her Mother Patricia Jewell,

Grandmother Patricia Mullins, Aunt Rebecca Farquhar

And Foster Father Dick Turner.

Angela’s Legacy Story:


Our mother came from a long line of women that were strong willed, hardworking and great mothers.

Though having a lot of challenges to overcome in her life Angie always used that as a stepping stone for growth. Angie’s mother (Patricia Jewell) passed away in 1989. Which left a very big void in her and her sisters lives. But with that sorrow came immense strength. The ride or die sisters. They had each other's backs no matter what. The kind of sisterhood that looked like, yours is mine and mine is yours and with each other we can't fail. They found strength in each other. They cried on each others shoulders and confided in each other. They were the mom team that any other mom would look up to. Angie’s Children looked to her sister (Susie) as if she were a second mom and same went with Susie’s children with Angie.

They were a force to be reckoned with.

The old school house that our Aunt Susie lived in, is where our family made most of our fondest memories. Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches by the dozen, playing tag, hide and seek and the ringing of children's laughter was often what was heard. Our mother loved laying in the sun and just watching all of us cousins playing together.

Angie was a single mother most of her children's childhood. Working several jobs to ensure

her children had what they needed and most of what they wanted.

Angie worked doing all kinds of jobs including farm work, customer service, auto parts delivery and as a cashier. She enjoyed hands on work, and getting her hands dirty. She enjoyed work that allowed her to be around people and being outside. She believed wholeheartedly that if a man could do it, she could too.

Maybe even better. She let nothing stand in her way.

Our mother was a social butterfly. Her outgoing spirit and the gift of gab as she would call it, made it easy for her to meet new people and make new friends.

Angie was the lady that would help anyone that needed it.

Growing up we had the pleasure to meet some amazing people because of our mother’s personality and caring demeanor. She always had a soft spot for the elderly. And the elderly gravitated to her because she was an amazing story teller and so compassionate. She called it adopting old people. She would check in on them, take them for lunch or shopping. She always wanted to make sure her peeps were taken care of.

Angie was the neighborhood mom and all children coming in her house were required to call her mom, no ifs ands or buts about it. She made sure we all were fed, had a roof over our heads and were safe,

she was our protector.

On July 22, 1999 Angie met her Soulmate Mike and they have been inseparable ever since. Living their lives to its fullest. Angie and Mike enjoyed long walks at the nature center with their 2 dogs (Josie and Buddy). She was an animal person. All kinds of animals- cats, dogs, lizards, mice. She wanted to help them all.

Angie was a woman of many talents and hobbies. She loved taking something ordinary and turning it into something beautiful. She loved crafting. She loved driving in the car towards the sunset. Purple sunsets were her favorite. The time she spent in the car looking at the beautifully painted sky, she would talk to her mother in heaven, by rolling down the window and yelling I love you grandma. This is tradition Angie’s children have carried on doing with her grandchildren. But we now have another Angel to talk to too. She had a talent for drawing even though she didn't always think so. She attended Baker College while living in Cass City Michigan, studying art. She used the time and education she learned in college throughout her life creating beautiful works of art.

Angie loved her grandchildren with all of her heart. She taught them many valuable lessons

on being creative and embracing who you are.

She had stated on many occasions,

”Everyone is at least a little bit crazy, that’s what makes us interesting”.

She loved taking her grandchildren to Long Lake to go fishing and swimming or any adventure she could think of. Treasure hunting was a favorite adventure that the grandkids and her loved doing. Collecting rocks, sticks feathers, etc. A Lot of these treasures were then often place proudly on display in her mother's china cabinet in her home. No was not a word at grandma’s house. Finger paints, allowing the kids to soak each other and her with the hose on hot summer days was always a fond memory. Allowing the grandkids to get every spice out of the cupboard and mix them all together to create potions. There were no limits to the fun they could have at grandma's house. Always allowing the grandkids to do all the things their parents would say no to. Her high energy and adventurous spirit made the time at grandma’s house so magical. Angie wanted to ensure all her grandchildren grew up with a sense of adventure. She believed that our youth is our future and she made sure to instill her morals on each one of them.

In the last 10 years Angie really enjoyed planting her garden in their backyard. She was always happiest when she was in the sun getting her hands dirty. She had a green thumb, she could keep any plant alive. That talent must have not passed onto her children unfortunately. She was especially proud of planting and watching her giant sunflowers grow. She always raved about her beautiful sunflowers that grew to be over 11 feet tall. Sunflowers were her favorite. In the last few years Angie really enjoyed calling her family and friends to check in and make sure they were doing OK. Angie took it upon herself to make sure all of the family felt loved, cared for and listened to.

Even if that meant calling other family members to make them check in with someone having a challenging time. She never wanted anyone to feel alone.

Angie- Our Mother, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Niece and Friend

Was selfless and an Inspiration.

You will be so very missed my dear Angel. Until we meet again.

Keep a spot at our family table for us.

P.s Mom don’t forget to check in and kick our behinds when we need it.

Love Always- Sunflower Princess, Cowboy Sweetie and Indian Princess -XOXO-

Angie enjoyed life to the fullest and wanted an end of life celebration. Dancing, laughter and celebrating her legacy with all of her friends and family. This will be done in honor of her love. The date is yet to be determined.

In Memory of Angela Rader:

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Angela Rader’s Memorial Fund

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