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Heritage Life Story Funeral Homes place an emphasis on celebrating lives. We want to take all of your wishes into consideration.

To talk with us about your specific wishes, whether it be about cremation, burial options or memorial services, call Heritage Life Story Funeral Homes at either (616) 361-2613 or (616) 453-8263, or send an email to

Standard Service Options


Allow our Life Story Funeral Directors to guide and arrange the memorial events that are right for you. Choose from our packages designed for burial and cremation, or allow us to create a package especially for you.

Heritage Life Story Funeral Homes are dedicated to life and memories. We care about the families we serve and want your experience at our funeral home to be meaningful - helping you take healthy first steps of a grief journey that will likely last a lifetime.

Our Life Story Experience evokes emotions and encourages conversations that engage both family and friends. Since each family has different needs, our Life Story Funeral Directors listen to your stories and help design the right service for you. Maybe the "right" service is a one-of-a-kind celebration or perhaps it is one that is full of tradition. Or more likely, the "right' service is a creative mix of the two. All of our full service options allow our staff to help you create these meaningful and memorable events.

Burial Costs

Cremation Costs

Planning Documents

Green Burial Information

Direct Cremation with Online Planning: Starting at $1,095


These simple packages are designed for those who know the exact cremation services they desire. Arrangements are completed online, from the comfort of your home.

The Heritage team maintains the highest professional standards of oversight in the cremation process and is directly involved in each step of care, from the place of initial transport to witnessing the beginning of the cremation process. Our process is one that you assume all funeral homes use, yet few actually do.

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Why Choose Us

Most funeral homes emphasize their outstanding staff and facilities. We too believe in our great team and are always working to make our facilities comfortable. But here are some differences to consider:

  • Our Value Promise: We believe that we offer a better value for your dollar than any other provider in the area. If you believe after receiving our service that you could have received the same VALUE at another funeral home for a lower price, we will match that price up to 30 days after a service.
  • Exclusive provider of the Life Story Experience: This is not about videos or fancy printing. It is the foundation of our process, transforming the arrangement process into a healthy beginning to a grief journey. Since providing the Life Story Experience we have achieved a level of customer satisfaction previously unimagined. We have heard more than once statements like: "I have used other funeral homes in the past and never had a bad experience. But the level of service at Heritage greatly exceeds anything I have experienced before."
  • Beverage and Food Options: Food is an important part of many of our celebrations and traditions, and we welcome food at all of our gatherings. Complete catering - from simple solutions to elaborate, and beverage service - from water to full bar service, we allow you to create the appropriate setting for your memorial event. And each of our chapels also has a lunch room capable of hosting after service meals or refreshments.
  • Life Story Funeral Directors: What if the funeral director does more than just direct the funeral? What if they do more than just take your orders. Life Story Funeral Directors direct the entire process. They take the time to listen - essential for creating a meaningful and relevant service.
  • Unique Requests? We are not afraid to accommodate special requests or perhaps do something at a service that you don't typically see. We believe that you can do just about anything at a funeral as long as it is a fitting part of the person's story. We've lit fireworks, sang "Sweet Caroline", led a service at an outdoor pavilion, had a mariachi band lead the funeral procession down the street to name a few. See some other tributes here
  • It's not about a casket: No pressure to buy something nicer. We don't even limit what you see to just a few caskets. We are happy to show you every casket, allowing you to make an informed choice that is right for you.
  • Free Consultations: We welcome the opportunity to speak with people and have an open conversation about your specific situation. But just as important, we never pressure you to "sign today" or make a decision now. A good decision is better than a quick decision.