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Marcia Phiscator

July 28, 1950 - October 13, 2018
Grand Rapids, MI


Life Story / Obituary


With unending love for her family, Marcia Phiscator lived to be surrounded by her loved ones. She worked hard throughout her life, but she took the time to enjoy life along the way. Marcia was attentive, loving, and generous when it came to the needs of those around her no matter the personal sacrifice required. She was happiest at home, and she took great pride in caring for her home. Life will never be the same without Marcia here, but she leaves behind a priceless collection of memories that her loved ones will forever hold near and dear to their hearts.

The 1950s were an exciting time in America. Televisions were becoming commonplace in the homes of American families, and with it came shows like I Love Lucy and Father Knows Best. The United States began its quest to learn more about space, and by the time the decade had ended we welcomed both Alaska and Hawaii as our 49th and 50th states. It was during this exciting time that Harvey and Winifred (VanMulligan) McBarnes were filled with great anticipation as they were eagerly awaiting the birth of their new baby as the heat of the summer held the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, firmly in its grip in July of 1950. The big day finally arrived on July 28th when the baby girl they named Marcia Ann made her grand entrance. She was the younger of two girls in her family as she was raised in a home on Sunset Hills on the Northwest side of Grand Rapids. Marcia attended local schools including Grandville High School.

Not to be forgotten during her years in school was her introduction to a young man. His name was Terry Phiscator, and they met through a mutual friend. Sparks flew and it didn't take them long to fall deeply in love. With the desire to establish their lives together Marcia and Terry were married in Tallmadge Weslyan Church in 1971. The newlyweds initially moved a bit, but they later moved into their longtime home on Mohler, Northwest. There, they were filled with great joy to welcome their two children, Sandy and Timothy, into their hearts. As a family they enjoyed many vacations together, which were usually spent camping. Around the house, Marcia did her best to manage the household and keep everything organized and running smoothly. She enjoyed both vegetable and flower gardening, and for the most part she enjoyed being home more than being anyplace else. In addition to her family, Marcia had four legged children including Mavin that were so very important to her.

In addition to caring for her home and family, Marcia spent time working outside of the home. She had a few different jobs early on including working at the Pantlin Hotel. She later began working for Meijer as a cashier, and this is where she spent the bulk of her working days. Marcia especially enjoyed the people she worked with there. Most of her years at Meijer were spent in Jenison, but the end of her career was spent at the new Standale Meijer. Most often, Marcia worked the second shift.

With her mother living nearby, Marcia was often caring for her in whatever way was needed. As her mother grew older this required a bit more of her time, and she continued caring for her mother until her mother died in 2007. Although Marcia had some health struggles throughout her life, her issues really became more pronounced after her mother’s death. Vision loss became a real struggle for her as well, but she was blessed that her children helped her when needed so she was able to remain in her home. Marcia’s children were there for whatever she needed including bringing her to appointments. She enjoyed watching television, which more recently included watching Ghost Hunters and other shows about paranormal activity. If she was asked why she watched these shows, Marcia would answer that there was nothing better on television. It was always interesting to realize just how much she was able to pay attention to what was going on around her as she frequently surprised people with little gifts of the things she overheard them saying they needed. She continued to love getting together with her family. Although she liked being a part of everything, Marcia didn’t need to be the center of attention. A few years ago, she and Sandy moved to the Northeast side of Grand Rapids. She remained there even as she entered hospice care. She will be forever missed.

Marcia Ann Phiscator, age 68 of Grand Rapids, passed away October 13, 2018. She was preceded in death by her parents, Harvey and Winifred McBarnes. Marcia is survived by her daughter, Sandy Phiscator; son, Timothy Phiscator; sister, Kathy (Corbin) Douthitt; and several nieces, nephews and cousins. A private graveside service will be held. To read more about Marcia's life, to share a memory or to sign her guestbook, visit www.lifestorynet.com