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Richard Chichester

December 16, 2022
Grand Rapids, MI


Graveside Service

Monday, January 16, 2023
1:30 PM EST
Resurrection Cemetery
4100 Clyde Park Ave SW, , MI 49509
Wyoming, MI 49509
(616) 531-9320
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Life Story / Obituary


Persevering, humble, and kind, Richard Chichester lived a life rich in simple pleasures. He found joy in music, reading, friendship, and canine companionship. Despite life’s challenges, Richard chose to find the good in life and lend his skills and talents where he could. Whether playing golf, sharing time with loved ones, or making music, Richard lived with a grateful and generous heart. Cherished by those who knew him best, Richard will long be remembered and so dearly missed.

1950 was the start of fast changes that would be witnessed for the following two decades. As the Great Depression was becoming a faint memory, families moved to the suburbs. Kids watched Howdy Doody on 12-inch black and white TV sets and spent Saturday afternoons watching cartoons at Cinema matinees. Times were gentler as the nation’s focus was on family and hope for a brighter future. Nowhere was there more hope than in the lives of George and Gertrude (Kolehouse) Chichester as they welcomed their son Richard into their hearts and home on February 24, in Medina, New York.

The oldest of the three Chichester kids, Richard was close to his siblings, Michael and Mary, when they were young. Sadly, at the age of 9, Richard was knocked off his bicycle by three dogs and suffered a close head injury. The results of the injury would challenge him for the rest of his life. Until he was 11 years old, the family lived in Medina, where they attended Saint Mary’s Catholic Church. Then, they moved to Grand Rapids, where Richard’s mother was born. While his father worked as a journeyman and wood furniture repairman, his mother worked for Stephenson & Lawyer, Inc. In 1968, the family enjoyed a memorable vacation to Washington, D.C.

Richard attended Grandville High School and loved playing guitar. He was also a Qualified Junior Life Guard. A lifelong New York Yankees fan, Richard also enjoyed golf, music, and cars. He loved the classic Rock and Roll tunes from the 60s, especially the Moody Blues. He had the good fortune of seeing the band play live concerts ten times. A very talented guitarist, Richard’s favorite possessions included six guitars and his collection of Moody Blues albums. He also enjoyed reading pioneering aviator and solo sailor Sir Francis Chichester’s stories of sailing and yachting voyages.

Richard was blessed to share a close bond with his father, who was his best friend until he died in 1993. Throughout his life, Richard worked various factory jobs, all in manufacturing. Most recently, he worked as a spray painter. While at work, he had the good fortune of meeting Alice Brown, who became his very dear girlfriend. He and Alice shared a lovely companionship and enjoyed going to local casinos together. Astonishingly, Richard never harbored any hatred or fear of dogs, despite being responsible for his disabilities, and his own three dogs: Penny, Alice, and Buttons, were treasured companions.

Though his days were far too few, Richard made the most of every moment. In doing so, he showed those around him how to overcome adversity and cherish the gifts we are given.